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Behind the name CLUB BY FYR is a small family of artisans and creatives, whose religion is to create pieces that matter.
Working relentlessly through various trials to perfect the aesthetic of each piece, local Egyptian craftsmen of CLUB BY FYR truly exemplify the drive of warriors, creating pieces that travel far beyond borders to someone’s hands in the global realm. It’s important for us to communicate that  when you wear CLUB BY FYR, you’re wearing an authentic work of art made with a hardworking, passionate spirit. That’s why our pieces have and an undying desire to speak louder than jewelry.

We handcraft our pieces using 925 sterling silver, made from pure 999 Swiss silver combined with premium Italian alloy,
then plated in the highest quality anti-tarnish solution, in order to ensure the slowest oxidation process possible.   
We also use 18 Karat Gold, fine grain leather and original gemstones from the Sinai desert and the Red Sea in Egypt.
Sterling silver can turn darker after a while, you can always clean it with a soft polishing cloth to make your piece shine again.
We personally love the oxidation/aging process of this noble material. 

Avoid heat or moisture when wearing the jewelry. Wait for perfumes and lotions to dry out before wearing the jewelry on your skin.
Remember that each piece is carefully handmade with delicate materials that require handling with care.
The gemstones we use are semi-precious stones cut and polished to the size and shape of their respective bezels. Each piece unique sets of stones.
These stones are mainly composed of minerals, therefore are fragile and require handling with care.
Every once in a while you can bring light to your stones and accentuate the color tones in your piece,
by briefly rinsing the stones with cool water and wrapping your piece with a cloth until it is completely dry.
We use high quality top-grain fine cow leather, allowing strength, flexibility and durability.
You can clean your leather pieces with a bit of water on a cloth, then make your leather shine using any type of body cream that does not contain fragrance.

Remember that caring for your jewelry will ensure that it looks beautiful and new every time you wear it.