We are a CLUB, a CIRCLE, a RING of people unified by the need for self-expression. Our pieces represent an abstract space, a sanctuary where you can find that sense of belonging we all crave, and carry it with you wherever you go.


This CLUB is for the poet, the lover, the mother, sister and brother in all of us; it is for the young romantic and the earthly realist, the tenacious heart and the gentle spirit. Like an amulet, CLUB BY FYR is both an armor and an extended olive branch, protecting and connecting us through the culture and language of jewelry.




In a predominantly mass-produced world, we crave the unique and real; that is why we take pride in our craftsmanship and embrace the time it takes to create our pieces.


CLUB finds beauty in the raw and timeless. We explore concepts of the modern heirloom and reinvented basics by combining Ancient Egypt’s rich heritage in jewelry-making with the rugged aesthetics of our contemporary environment.


Our pieces are designed, drawn and prototyped in Paris, and handcrafted by authentic Egyptian artisans in the heart of Cairo using 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Fine Leather, and a handpicked selection of gemstones from around the world.




Founder and designer Farah Y. Radwan is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up between two major cultural melting-pots, Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt.

Following her studies in Luxury Product Design in Paris, Farah returned to Cairo to specialize in body accessory and jewelry making. After studying at The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, she embarked on her own journey to carve out a space for her vision amongst the talented craftspeople and jewelers of Egypt.

In 2017, Farah established her brand and ultimately created the distinct and refined designs that now adorn the bodies of many creatives and beauty-lovers alike.

Farah’s diverse cultural background is the drive behind CLUB’s visual DNA: unapologetically raw collections that shed a light on themes of individuality, love and empowerment.

This is a love letter to my ancestors and to the thinkers of tomorrow,
To the vast canyons of Sinai and to the depths of the Mediterranean and Red Seas,
To the universe as we know it and to the echoes our voices leave in dimensions beyond.

I would like to thank every place I have been and all the people I have loved for their contributions to the birth of CLUB BY FYR

Par amour,
Mai 2016, au 2 rue Commines, Paris 75003,