CLUB’S mission is to ensure quality craftsmanship with the highest ethical standards,
from the moment a design is drawn until it adorns your skin.

We want you to know that when you wear a CLUB piece, you are wearing culture and history,
you are wearing hours of devoted craft and sustainable production, and you are wearing a creation you can be proud of.

In preservation of Egyptian crafting traditions, every CLUB piece travels through several specialized workshops in Khan El Khalili, Egypt’s main jewelry quarter.
There our talented craftsmen hand-craft, mold, saw, solder and polish every piece to perfection.

Every step of this precise operation enables us to keep alive jobs that would otherwise be replaced by factory machinery
and ensure that our industrial processes are low impact and sustainable. 

In our movement towards a zero-waste policy, the use of 18k Gold, 925 Sterling Silver
and natural leather means we can recycle and reuse any discarded materials into new pieces of jewelry.

CLUB’s natural leather goods are ethically sourced from local artisans who ensure premium durability and quality in our pieces.
With proper use and care, real leather allows for a piece to last far beyond one’s lifetime.

In Egyptian culture, we believe that no part of the animal should go to waste. Our leather is a byproduct of local farming from animals who are primarily raised for food and charitably distributed.Unlike factory farms, local agricultural farms ensure animal welfare and cruelty-free practices.

With high-quality jewelry that is made to last, you are investing only once in a piece with a circular — rather than linear — life cycle,
and one that will age beautifully as it is passed down to future generations.